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sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011


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  1. (Via Facebook)!

    Olavo dos Santos Martins

    After having read more than 100 posts from "About the mormonism", blog published by Antonio Carlos Popinacki, whose ones I enjoyed in its majority, but for the anonymous critics, cowards who don´t have the guts to show their face and insert their names. (I guess they are afraid to be confronted actually!) I was dumbfounded to get to know that I spent 30 years of my life paying for a "past" commandment. Read, if you like, Hebrews 7:5-12 and you shall see what I am talking about. An exmormon named Edson was the one responsible for this pretty important eye-opener to all of us, ex mormons and mormons, if there´s any one here, connected too. And, here in Brazil, most of the churches that have programs on local TV subsidiaries are always asking for "contributions", using names and messages like: "Be you also a partner! Be you a contributor too., etc. It is shame. They shamelessly use God´s name and stuff to ask for "dough" to make their corporations richer and richer. And, the poor faithful, believing people get poorer and poorer as they get bigger and bigger with suntuous temples and stuff....

  2. Olavo,

    Desde quando comecei a postar aqui no blog, meu nome, sobrenome e foto estão aí.
    Estou aguardando o seu contato!